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Ease the transition into community employment with a customized plan. 


Services include:

  • Exploration of a variety of employment options

  • Assessment of career skills and interests

  • Gain experience through volunteerism and paid internships

  • Prepare for direct hire integrated employment

  • Explore the community and make new friends


“When I am with friends out in the community I am happy to be with them”

- Person served

“Our intern is doing great, she gets along well with the staff and takes feedback well. She noticed we were short staffed and offered to stay and help. I thought that showed initiative and I was very impressed! We love having her here.”

- Community employer  


Justin became a member of his local Kiwanis Club two years ago. He has demonstrated tremendous community involvement and participation in activities that give back to the Napa community. His fellow club members appreciate his contribution and they support his growth and involvement. These relationships have fostered his independence, and encouraged him to follow his dreams. He has had a desire to work at the local radio station alongside several of his fellow club members. This dream was realized when he was offered a position of Facilities Ambassador through a paid internship as the station.

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